Balance Due:

SAVE $20 when paying via Venmo, or Cash App as a friendly transaction.  Paying as a business transaction WILL NOT save you the $20. Simply subtract $20 from the balance. Then make the payment Via Venmo, or Cash App. We will then apply that payment to the reservation, and discount the balance. If the name on the reservation doesn’t match the name on the Venmo, or Cash app please text us, or email us to let us know. 

When Venmo ask you “Whats this for?” Please leave it blank, or only type the event date, and town. Example: “7/1 Newington”  Please do not type something like Bounce House rental. Thank you so much.

Venmo  Bouncezonect      last four of the cell phone # 0290

Cash App  $BZCT

  • This doesn’t apply to balance’s under the amount of $125.00